The Mystery Bird (Greeny356) is a mysterious bird that you will never know what the power is every time you use him/her,his/her powers are from the Red Bird-Pink Bird.He/she is an unlockable bird.
Mystery Bird
Mystery Bird greenny
General Info
Powers A power from any other bird from Red Bird-Pink Bird
First Level Appearance: None
Gender: Male/Female (Because the White Bird and the Pink Bird is a female and the rest are males)
Species: Any
Locations: None
Strength: Super Strong,Strong,Medium,Normal,or Weak
Size: Normal


  • He/She can be played anytime
  • When he changes to Hal (Boomerang Bird),he grows a longer beak
  • He/She is unlockable by finishing any game.
  • He/She looks just like the Mystery Bird

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