Mos Espa is the second episode in Angry Birds Star Wars: The Prequel Story. While it was released as Mos Espa, Rovio later changed the name to Tatooine.


The birds have escaped the Federation once again. They landed on Tatooine, and are counting on a little boy to get the parts they need for their ship. Sling Anakin at Sebulba, Gasgano, Quadronaros, and more! But watch out for Sand Piggies!


The background is sandy like Tatooine. The racer pigs are sitting in their pods (while in a normal pig structure), and the Sand Piggies are up high on cliffs and mesas. Anakin has a special power-up that will be added to the game along with the other power-ups. It will only be available for use in this episode. It is a secret power-up that Rovio has not revealed yet, but I'm sure it will be awesome

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