Mega Giant Bird and Deadly Bird
General Info
Powers Destroy everything (even the floor ground!) but the birds and slingshot/Make every bird like Terence.
First Level Appearance: None
Gender: Male
Species: Rare Mighty Oval Bird
Locations: None
Strength: Strongest bird ever; you can't beat him. Unless your NoScope-level is over 9000!
Size: A bit bigger than Deadly Bird

Mega Giant Bird is the biggest bird ever and Mighty Little's brother. The Mighty Eagle would be ¹/₂₀₀ of a pixel (not even visible) if the Mega Giant Bird were next to it. His flock name is "Megant." He is also the biggest bird on the wiki.

Things related to Mighty Little

  • They both are a size you can't get smaller/larger than.
  • They both have a super-strong power.
  • They are both the same color as another bird.
  • They are brothers.

Things not related

  • They have different beaks.
  • They don't both look like another bird.
  • They are the same size.


If any bird was bigger than this bird, no other birds would exist. He is so big, he has a GIANT cave so giant that only Deadly Bird wouldn't feel like he's dead. He is bigger The Golden Hawk, but is friends with him. He also appears to be friends with Deadly.  He might be much smaller than Mount Everest but like I said, you can't get any bird bigger. If he was any bigger, he would be crushed under his own weight.

Think of him. Crushing you to bits...

Mega Giant Bird

We wanted a close-up photo, but he smashed the camera and he destroyed it later after that.

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