Golden Bird

Mechanic Bird it's a bird from the game Angry Birds:the Race.


He it's the main mechanc of the birds.He make his first apperance in Angry Birds:the Race


He can fix you car.If you puchase a new car he will instaty fix it.He it's puchasable for 1,99$.


He looks like a legular Red Bird witch Mechanic Pig's west.You can see him in the original Angry Birds game wearing a diferent version mechanic's hat in the "Bad Piggies"episode level selection.


  • He it's the best mechanic of the birds
  • He it's the onlylest bird that do not pays his antention to protect the eggs.
  • He has his own house.His room it's full witch race posters and car models dowing the fact that he loves races and cars.

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