Not to be confused with User:UUnlockedMario, who goes by Mario for short.
Mario is the main protagonist of Nintendo's Mario franchise and the main antagonist of Angry Birds Go! 2, which was his first appearance. He appeared at Sheen is his mothership to get revenge on King Pig for screwing up his tournament. After the player defeats him, he leaves Sheen and flies back to his planet.
The Real Mario
General Info
Powers Unknown
First Level Appearance: Rainbow Road (Angry Birds Go! 2)
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Locations: Mushroom Kingdom
Strength: 3/5
Size: Average

List of appearances

List of appearances
Game Role
Angry Birds Go! 2 Main antagonist and final boss
Angry Birds Go! 3: Mario Strikes Back Main antagonist and final boss
Angry Birds Blast! Penultimate boss
Angry Birds: The Birds and Pigs Work Together?!?!? Cameo at the Mt. Fort Awesome "party"
Angry Birds Go!: Race for the Fate of Sheen Playable character


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