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Welcome to the Angry Birds Fanon Wiki!

Welcome to Angry Birds Fanon Wiki, where you can share your own ideas of birds, pigs, games and more. If you are looking for the canon wiki, see here. Please read the rules first before creating or editing pages.


Here are the notes from the main admins on this wiki.

A note from Noise B.


A note from Matrix B.

Please do not vandalize on this wiki, as it is for all wikis. Same with spamming. If you want to be a part of this wiki, go ahead! Nobody is stopping you from that. You can make your own birds, episodes, games, or other things! Also, please don't be mean or harass other users, or make other people feel bad about their creations. If you understand all of these rules, welcome aboard, contributor! Have fun, and if you have any questions just ask me on my message wall! :)

A note from Orangebird763

  1. I'm not going to say what I did in Angry Birds GO!. Ok, I will: I RECRUITED CHUCK!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I got an awesome Webbird in Some Kinda Webbirds. He's Helianguine Bird.
  3. Guys, this race to make the biggest mighty bird has reached it limits! let's try and not make any more birds bigger than Mega Giant Bird or Deadly Bird. I made a chart of the top five:
Place Bird Creator
1st Mega Giant Bird Redbird07
2nd Deadly Bird Orangebird763
3rd Mother Bird Orangebird763
4th Mighty Yellow Bird Snailyrocks
5th Mighty Red Bird HiddenLuigi

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Use these templates for your articles, or other articles. They will come in handy. You can copy these, then paste them into the source mode on an article.
{{Joke Article}}
This is what they should look like:

Something 38 This article is a stub. Please help this wiki by expanding it.
Something 40 This article is meant to be a joke. Please do not take it literally.
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The Wikiseum is a collection of old/abandoned articles that are of decent quality. You can see the database here.

Featured Article

Angry Birds TV Logo Angry Birds: Television is a TV Show that started airing on October 28, 2012. It was first shown on Nickelodeon. It was created by Angry Birds Studio. The companies that made this with Rovio are Billionfold Inc., Abominable Pictures, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Scrambled Eggs Productions, Angry Birds Studio, and Twentieth Slingshot. Each episode is always 20 minutes long and the commercials last 10 minutes long. The theme song is the Angry Birds Rap. On Nick, reruns show on days between new episodes. It airs on Cartoon Network at 6/5 central. On March 6, 2021, the first 5 seasons came to Netflix. (Read more)

Latest News

  • 2/9/14: Angry Birds: Television is now a featured article!
  • 3/10/14: (VERY IMPORTANT) One of our local wikis, Angry Birds Story Wiki, is dying. It would be great if you could edit there. I, SpongeTechX, am also thinking about some sort of "Wikiverse", connecting all of our sister wikis/websites in some way.
  • 4/12/14: The theme has been changed to easter, and Orange has made the "Wikiseum" database, a collection of original, old articles that you can look at.
  • 4/20/14: Happy Easter to all those who celebrate it! :D

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