The Magma Bird is an extraterrestial Angry Birds Space bird coming soon
Magma bird

The Magma Bird by himself

in an upcoming update to ABS (original)


The Magma Bird is a teenage extraterrestial bird made of magma (duh) who travels like a nomad since he has no home.He travels with a (stolen) skateboard to different planets with a (stolen) treasure chest with stolen items.The Magma Bird has 3 baby-aged siblings who stay inside the chest as if it were a crib (don't worry they can breathe without air).Oh an yes,the Magma Bird is a theif.Why does he steal you ask?Well,he wants revenge on the pigs for stealing (aka bird-napping) his parents for scientific reason.


(First Ability)

The Magma Bird shoots off five squirts of magma and it can melt five of the blocks or pigs.Makes 25% damage to the pigs.

(Upgrade 1)

The Magma Bird earns his skateboard and does his original ablility with a 10% more damage with his skateboard.Makes 35% damage to the pigs.

(Upgrade 2)

The Magma Bird earns his treasure chest and does his original ability with his skateboard and the chest

shoots out two items and his 3 siblings.Makes 50% damage to the pigs.

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