This is a list of action stages in Activision All-Stars: The Complete Collection.

Angry Birds stages

Angry Birds

Angry Birds Halloween

Angry Birds Rio

Angry Birds Space

Bad Piggies

Angry Birds Star Wars

Angry Birds Star Wars II

Angry Birds Go!

Angry Birds Stella


Stage In-game instructions Setting Time limit Life
24 1 Podracer Anakin and TIE Vader! Death Star 2-40 - -
2 Podracer Anakin and the Fat Mynock Pig! Hoth 3-40 - -
3 Podracer Anakin and Darth Vader! Cloud City 4-40 - -
3 Podracer Anakin and the Bunker! Moon of Endor 5-30 - -
3 Podracer Anakin and the Emperor! Death Star 2 6-30 - -

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