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Episodes that are in the sitcom Friendly Pigs.

No. Title Plot Airdate
1a "Pigs of Friendship" The flock discovers a few pigs that have no intent to steal the eggs and do not work for King Pig. The pigs then take them to their house to stay. First Episode. June 17, 2013
1b "The Love Knot" One of the pigs (whom is named Rick) tries to find a girlfriend, so has to Chuck help him find one. June 17, 2013
2a "Pigs VS. Piggies" Once the gang of peaceful pigs find out about the Bad Piggies, they must help the birds defeat the pigs, hence the title. In the end, it all backfires. July 8, 2013
2b "Road Hog" The birds and the pigs go on a road trip. July 8, 2013
3a "Guitar Jumbo" Red finds a guitar that used to belong to a famous pig rock star. Red then consults eBay, which Rick denies, as he held it as his prized possession. August 20, 2013
3b "Sweet Dreams" A young pig named Mikey has trouble sleeping, so runs off to find somewhere quiet. August 20, 2013
4a "Real Estate Mayhem" The birds and the pigs struggle to keep their house, once finding out someone is trying to sell it. October 1, 2013
4b "HARDware" Bomb tries to build a birdhouse, but fails badly. Meanwhile, Rick tries to become a soap box racer. Both events meet up in the end. Series Finale. October 1, 2013

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