Jonathan or Lime Bird is a bird. When tapped or clicked, he sharply zaps directly downward. breaking anything it hits without losing its speed. Only the ground and boulders can resist his ability. He can fly higher than all of the birds except mighty creatures which come from the sky or from a vortex.

What did you expect him to look like?


  1. He can break a line of walls at once.
  2. If the the line of walls he broke was the only line of walls supporting the whole fortress, the rest of the structure may collapse, and any of the pigs will pop, possibly not all.
  3. He is useful when getting rid of a tall line structure since he can fly up to 25 blocks and 5 flat walls high.
  4. His corpse instantly vanishes when he hits the ground, allowing for in case a pig falls into the place it disintegrated, he will not support the pig by softly laying it like the other birds, and pop it by the ground instead.


  1. He cannot collapse a whole structure at once, like usual.
  2. Although he is a large bird, his wall destruction depends on the location he hit it: when he hits it in the middle, he breaks it, but when he hits it in the corner, he deals extremely small damage to it.
  3. He is weak without his ability.
  4. He cannot pop pigs, but deals 50% damage to it, making their lives half.

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