Lego Angry Birds Star Wars is a series of Lego sets based on Angry Birds Star Wars (original and prequel trilogies, plus the Clone Wars TV show). They were released on the Angry Birds Online Shop in January. The first sets were revealed in 2012. The 2012 boxes have Darth Maul Pig on them, and the 2013 boxes have Yoda Bird on them.


The minifigures are made of specially designed bricks. They have holes to put the hair/hat, beak/snout, and tail on the minifigure. To view minifigures, click on a minifigure page below, then click on the minifigure you want to read about. (note: these pages have to be created first)

Original Trilogy (Lego) 

Prequel Trilogy (Lego)

Clone Wars (Lego)  


The sets are only available on the Online Shop, so you'll have to buy them there. In the meantime, to read about the sets, look at the links below. (these pages have to be created, to.)

Original Trilogy (Lego)

Prequel Trilogy (Lego)

Clone Wars (Lego)

But we'll give you the 3 2012 sets:

1. TIE Fighter

2. TIE Advanced

3. Hoth Battle


1. TIE Fighter: $14.99

2. TIE Advanced: $19.99

3. Hoth Battle: $8.99 

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