Note from Thelalaloopsygirl (A.K.A. The very first Lalaloopsy Bird): OK, I'm sorry it took so long to to upload a page of our family speicies (The Lalaloopsy Bird), but now here it is.

Lalaloopsy Birds are based on the hard rag doll called Lalaloopsy. The Lalaloopsy Little Birds are very cute, and the Lalaloopsy Birds are like 15 year old teenagers.

Lalaloopsy bird



They do look kinda weird, with button eyes, stitched up beaks, unique hair colors, you know, stuff like that. And when they bump themselves so hard that they get a bump, they will get a gem bump.

Other names

  • Gurl (referred by Seth)
  • Lala (also referred by Seth if she screams)

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