The Karate Boomerang Bird is the same species as Hal the Boomerang Bird but a great Karate master. He has broken boards since he was a yellow belt, but broken a wooden board when he was a brown belt. He is a karate teacher and teaches birds how to do karate. He likes saying "Kee-cho!"

Karate Boomerang Bird
Karate Boomerang Bird
General Info
Powers Do kicks
First Level Appearance: None
Gender: Male
Species: Emerald Toucanet
Locations: None
Strength: Medium-Strong
Size: Medium


  • He has a plush made of him, and his gi, belt, and headband are attached to him, like the helmet on the Corporal Pig plush. A front view photo will be posted soon. His sounds on his plush are "Kee-cho!", "Hiii-yaah!" and the birds' victory cheer in his own accent. You can open his beak, like the original Boomerang Bird plush. KBB's plush will be sold in Amazon and Toys R Us.


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