Kani Sanban (voiced by Keone Young), also known as Mr. Sanban, is a hot-tempered Japanese American man that appears in Alvin and the Chipmunks 2: Southern California Chainsaw Massacre. He is the husband of Mrs. Sanban, the father of both Kuki Sanban and Mushi Sanban, and also the father-in-law of King Sandy.

Character biography

After picking up Hoagie Gilligan (Benjamin Diskin), Kuki Sanba's friend, the two mistakes the red van to have caught on fire. They get in the red van to learn it was only Kani Sanban and his wife named Genkei Sanban (Lauren Tom) making a barbecue roast goose on the charcoal fire. Later that night at Riverside, Kani goes outside to use the RV, when suddenly, the RV starts shaking. He steps outside and sees a lone figure wearing a baseball cap by the abandoned house, thinking it was Hoagie Gilligan. His wife Mrs. Sanban joins him and they both go to the abandoned house in investigate. Finding nobody there, they go back to the house to make meatball sandwiches. Suddenly, the lights go out and Mrs. Sanban sends her husband Mr. Sanban down into the basement to fix the problems. After Mr. Sanban turns the power on, Alvin Seville/Dr. Buford Bubbles, who has been standing behind him, grabs him by the shirt collar and performs a high grapple on him at the fuse box and electrocuted him. Kani Sanban's corpse, however, was later found and presumably taken away by police and paramedics.

Character relationships

  • Husband of Mrs. Sanban.
  • Father of Kuki Sanban and Mushi Sanban.
  • Father-in-law of King Sandy.

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