• French Narrator: On a slippery slope...
  • Large Pig: King Pig will love these presents!
  • Helmet Pig: Fat Pig will like these candies!
  • (At the birds' home) Jim and Jake: Waaaaaaaaaaa!!!
  • Jay: (Sobbing) I have no gifts!!!!!!
  • Red, Matilda, and Hal: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...
  • French Narrator: Meanwhile, in the pig's fortress...
  • King Pig: Oh, GOODIE!
  • Fat Pig: (Swallows all candy) MORE CANDIES!
  • French Narrator: Meanwhile, the birds are skiing to the fortess.
  • Matilda: We have to do this for The Blues!
  • French Narrator: Meanwhile at the birds' home...
  • Orange Bird: Huh? My gifts are gone! Wait a second, who stole them?
  • (Sees pigs on skis with gifts)
  • Orange Bird: THE PIGS DID! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! (Chases pigs on skis)
  • Red: I'm getting tired.
  • Hal: Wait, who's that?
  • Bubbles appears, inflated and rolling towards the pigs' fort.
  • Bomb: Alright! Go, Bubs, go!
  • Bubbles rolls straight into the pigs' fort.
  • French Narrator: One of the walls was knocked down and two towers fell. But the fortress still stood.
  • Bomb explodes, and the castle is shown in ruins.
  • All birds gasp as they see King Pig and Corporal Pig getting away with the gifts.
  • The pigs are revealed to be stopped by Terence.
  • The birds start beating up the pigs.
  • French Narrator: When the beating up was over...
  • (Back at the birds' home) The Blues: Yay!
  • Bubbles as he dives into his presents: Now I have my gifts!
  • All birds: Oh, Bubbles...
  • Screen fades to credits. The AB Seasons Wreck the Halls music plays in the credits.

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