Holidays! (known as Vacation! in the United States & Canada) is a downloadable content for Angry Birds, and it replaced Angry Birds 2: The Wrath of King Pig.


The Pigs have gone on vacation with the Bird's eggs!

Angry Birds

Red Bird- Screams (First Apperence 1-1)

Blue Bird- Splits into Three (First Apperence 1-3)

Chicken- Flaps Franticly (First Apperence 1-5)

Yellow Bird- Speeds Up (First Apperence 1-8)

Orange Bird- Inflates (First Apperence 1-13)

Ice Bird- Freezez Stuff (First Apperence 2-1)

Boomerang Bird -Acts as an Boomerang (First Apperence 2-9)

Charcoal Bird- Burns Through Objects (First Apperence 2-10)

Black Bird- Explodes (First Apperence 2-12)

White Bird- Drops a Egg Bomb (First Apperence 2-15)

Brown Bird- Riochoetts of Objects (First Apperence 3-2)

Crow- Swoops Down (First Apperence 3-5)

Big Brother Bird- Moans (First Apperence 3-7)

  • Mighty Eagle- Destroy Everything
    • Turqoise Bird- Changes Direction
    • Violet Bird- Destroys all of one type of block
    • Torpedo Bird- Spins like a torpedo
*Purchasable for $0.99.

**Bonus Birds

Bad Piggies

Small Pig

Medium Pig

Female Pig

Chef Pig

Large Pig

Helmet Pig Helmet Mustache Pig

Fat Pig

Giant Pig

King Pig


Pig Tycoon- Throws money (1-15)

Giant Female Pig- N/A (2-15)

King Pig- Throws Random Beach Junk (3-15)


Holiday Resort

Theme One

  1. Theme 1-1 (x3 Red Birds)
  2. Theme 1-2 (x3 Red Birds)
  3. Theme 1-3 (x3 Blue Birds)
  4. Theme 1-4 (x2 Reds Birds and x2 Blue Birds)
  5. Theme 1-5 (x3 Chickens and 1 Red Bird)
  6. Theme 1-6 (1 Red Bird, 1 Blue Bird and x2 Chickens)
  7. Theme 1-7 (2x Blue Birds and 3x Chickens)
  8. Theme 1-8 (4x Yellow Birds)
  9. Theme 1-9 (2x Red Birds and 2x Yellows Birds)
  10. Theme 1-10 (x5 Red Birds)
  11. Theme 1-11 (X4 Yellow Birds)
  12. Theme 1-12 (x3 Chickens and 1 Blue Bird)
  13. Theme 1-13 (x3 Orange Birds and x2 Chickens)
  14. Theme 1-14 (x2 Orange Birds and 1 Red Bird)
  15. Theme 1-15 (1 Red Bird, 1 Blue Bird, 1 Yellow Bird, 1 Chicken, 1 Orange Bird)

The Beach

Theme Two

  1. Theme 2-1 (2x Ice Birds and 2x Blue Birds)
  2. Theme 2-2 (3x Ice Birds)
  3. Theme 2-3 (1 Ice Bird, 1 Red Bird and 1 Chicken)
  4. Theme 2-4 (x5 Red Birds)
  5. Theme 2-5 (x4 Chickens and 1 Chicken)
  6. Theme 2-6 (x5 Ice Birds and 1 Blue Bird)
  7. Theme 2-7 (3x Yellow Birds, 2x Orange Birds and 1 Red Bird)
  8. Theme 2-8 (2x Oranges Birds and 2x Yellow Birds [Only if Violet Bird isen't Unlocked] x2 Violet Bird
  9. Theme 2-9 (x3 Boomerang Birds)
  10. Theme 2-10 (x2 Charcoal Birds and x2 Boomerang Birds)
  11. Theme 2-11 (x4 Boomerang Birds)
  12. Theme 2-12 (x3 Black Birds)
  13. Theme 2-13 (x2 Black Birds and 1 Charcoal Bird)
  14. Theme 2-14 (x1 Black Bird and x3 Orange Bird [Only if Turqoise Bird Isen't Unlocked] x3 Turqoise Birds)
  15. Them 2-15 (1 Charcoal Bird, x2 Boomerang Birds, 1 Black Bird and x2 White Birds)

The Tropical Rainforests

Theme Three

  1. Theme 3-1 (x3 Red Birds and 1 Chicken)
  2. Theme 3-2 (x5 Brown Birds)
  3. Theme 3-3 (x2 Boomerang Birds and x2 Brown Birds)
  4. Theme 3-4 (x2 Ice Birds, x2 Blue Birds and 1 White Bird)
  5. Theme 3-5 (x4 Crows)
  6. Theme 3-6 (x2 Yellow Birds, 1 Boomerang birds and 1 Crow)
  7. Them 3-7 (x2 Big Brother Birds)
  8. Theme 3-8 (1 Big Brother Bird)
  9. Theme 3-9 (x3 Boomerang Bird and x2 Crows)
  10. Theme 3-10 (x2 Red Birds, x2 Chickens and 1 Big Brother Birds)
  11. Theme 3-11 (x5 Ice Birds and 2x Blue Birds)
  12. Theme 3-12 (x4 Red Birds, x2 Orange Birds [Only if Torpedo Bird isne't unllocked] and x2 Torpedo Birds)
  13. Theme 3-13 (x2 Big Bro Birds and 1 Red Bird)
  14. Theme 3-14 (1 Mighty Eagle)
  15. Theme 3-15 (1 of Each Bird Except Gold, Turqoise, Torpedo, Violet Bird and Mighty Eagle)

The Golden Beach

Golden Eggs

  1. All Three Stars (x10 Red Birds and 1 Mighty Eagle)
  2. Finish Episode (x2 Gold Birds)


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