Hogshine State
Hogsine state
General Info
Release Date: January 18, 2018 ¹
Levels: 30
Episode No.: 27
Previous Episode: Piglands
Next Episode: Pigsley World
Game(s): Angry Birds: World

Hogshine State is an episode of Angry Birds: World released on January 18th and features the Sunshine State, now dominated by the hogs. To get this episode, you have to buy it for 0,99 cents or search for the three Sun Bird in North America episodes.    


After retrieving Piglands , the Birds travel to Florida for a vacation When they get there, they discover that the Pigs have taken it over. Now the Birds have to get it back.


In the game, there is a new bird: Sun Bird! He can melt the pigs with his intense heat when you tap the screen.


  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Bomb
  • Terence
  • Mighty (if payed)
  • Boomerang Bird
  • Sun Bird


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