Helmet Pig Time it's a long-time cartoon based on helmet pig


Helmet Pig are in the Pig City in the center of some bulidings skeptical.Then an anoying baby bird come.For the start he maked a tree fal on the Helmet Pig.Afterwars,Helmet Pig sqashed like a plate attacks angryly to the bird but the baby bird use a trash bucked lid as shied and Helmet Pig wents inside.Later on,Helmet Pig go for a revenge to the baby bird,but baby bird are crying (fakely) in the fact that Helmet Pig damaged him.His parents beleve him and go to make to Helmet Pig a leson.Helmet Pig snifs and then are showing Helmet Pig throwed by the baby bird's parent and sqashed again into the ground.Helmet Pig then go and see agin the baby pig make an evil laughtyng.He haved lots of TNT next to him.Then,when baby pig taps the TNT booton and all the zone exploded execept baby pig that seems not hurt.Later on Helmet Pig reveled that he have lots of TNT too and taped the TNT booton again and go to a safety zone.When the place explodes baby bird start craiyng again.Then baby bird's parents come again and beat the Helmet pig and throws him to sqash into the ground,then the screen close.

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