Apologies for the wrong name of this article, how do you change that ? Henri is a character in angry birds legends, as well as the non-angry birds based game, PoF. He grew up with a family that mastered the use of birds, and fights by shooting them out of his slingshot. He is the main protagonist of angry birds legends. He starts off with red, the blues, and chuck, but soon discovers other birds. When he learns of King pigs plot to join forces with the sith from angry birds Star Wars 1 and 2, he decides to interfere, and and travels to the star wars galaxy. There, he meets and uses star wars vesionss of his birds, as well as space versions which he discovers on his way there. After defeating Piglatine and Kingpig, he leaves the Star Wars universe and discovers that he can no longer use the star wars birds. Ariving back at base he discovers Piggy cool and Proffesor pig there, who claim to have left the pork side. From then on, piggy cool acts as another bird to use, even though he is much stronger than red, while professor pig makes potions for Henri.Henri later tracks foreman pig and prince porky down in a large temple, where they have discovered a mythical artifact. Henri then discovers the angry birds epic version of red, who he calls epic red. Once the pigs notice Harry they flee, but not before revealing their fighting mechs. Back at prof pigs lab, the professor discovers a way to summon star wars birds via roboeggs and notifies Henri of this by phoning him. Henri then arrives at the lab to pick up the new invention.

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