Grumpy Gliders is a version of Angry Birds created in Paulama.

The Grumpy Gliders & their Special Abilities

  • The Plain Glider (No special abilities)
  • The Multi Glider (Click and it splits into five gliders)
  • The Zipper Glider (Click and it zipps ahead)
  • The Dropper Glider (Click and it zooms straight down)
  • The Kaboom Glider (Click and it explodes)
  • The Returner Glider (Click and it turns back)
  • The Great Plain Glider (Like the Plain but stronger)
  • The Enlarger Glider (Click and it puffs up)
  • The Amazing Falcon (Crashes down and all swines die)

The Mean Swines

  • The Micro Swine
  • The Normal Swine
  • The Giant Swine
  • The Hazmat Swine
  • The French Swine
  • Ruler Swine

Grumpy Gliders Episodes

Grumpy Gliders

  • Stolen Unhatchers
  • Amazing Trick
  • Caution High
  • The Giant Put Above
  • Hang 'Em Swine
  • Mine and Swine
  • Glider's Birthday

Grumpy Gliders Seasons

  • Trick and Treat
  • Seaswine's Greetings
  • Hugs and Chrashes
  • Get Mean, Get Lucky
  • Beat for Eggs
  • Swine Picnic
  • Boomcake Festival
  • Halloweenie
  • Wreck the Pauls
  • The Year of the Gliders

Grumpy Gliders Rio Paul Janeiro

  • Swineler's Den
  • Junglide Escape
  • Beach Paulley
  • Carnival Upsmitten
  • Airfield Glide

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