Ghost Pig (ScourgesCustomPlants)
[[Ghost Pig|{{{imagewidth}}}px]]
General Info
Powers Possessing (if birds have enough health)/killing birds within the grey aura, may occasionally spawn in the place of a popped pig
First Level Appearance: N/A
Gender: ???
Species: Pig (dead)
Locations: N/A
Strength: Foreman Pig x1.5
Size: Large Pig

Ghost Pig is a pig that is free to use in games, but hasn't appeared in any yet.


Waiting: (ghost sounds)

Taunting: (ghost sound with static)

Power: (increasing static with PvZ1 Zomboss laugh)


  • This pig was created to celebrate Halloween 2014!
Ham'O'Ween - Angry Birds Seasons Music-101:16

Ham'O'Ween - Angry Birds Seasons Music-1

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