General Info
Powers Various
First Level Appearance: {{{firstlevel}}}
Gender: Male
Species: Food-based Expiremental Bird
Locations: Angry Birds Retribution
Strength: Very Strong
Size: Normal

Birdger, The Food Bird is a bird that will be appearing in Angry Birds Retribution. He is one of the three birds based on food, but he is the most powerful amonst the three food-based birds.


Everything about Birdger is about food. His body frame is based on a chickenburger. On the chickenburger is his face. His feathers on the top of his head are made of corn, and a recent update in his appearance shows that he now has tail feathers made from minced beef.

Powers And Abilities

He has multiple abilities which can be used seperately. He can either fire french fries and explosive mozarella sticks from a cylinder-shaped sandwitch or slice pigs with his long chicken club with an asparagus stick with a tiny, but lethal, chili spike. And when upgraded, can summon various types of food and dipping sauces raining down the sky after every level he's used in.

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