Carrie, the Female Brown Bird is the female version of and love interest Chet. She has the exact same abilities as him. She appeares in the Angry Female Birds spin-off series.
Carrie the Female Brown Bird
General Info
Powers Ricochetting
First Level Appearance: Angry Female Birds; Beak Transplant level 4
Gender: Female
Species: Owl
Locations: Mediocrely common
Strength: Medium
Size: Medium


Personal Data

  • Name: Carrie
  • Known Aliases: Female Brown Bird, Female Ricochet Bird, Female Chet
  • Group Affiliation: Female The Flock, Female The Flock in Space
  • Best Friend(s): Jane, Jessie, & Jamie, Candy


Carrie's personality is exactly like her male counterpart's, mischievous and playful. She, along with Jane, Jessie, & Jamie, and Candy are nutorious for pulling pranks on the Queen Pig. She can also get quite hyper once in a blue moon and zip all over the place.



  • Angry Female Birds
  • Angry Female Birds Seasons
  • Angry Female Birds Rio
  • Angry Female Birds Space
  • Angry Female Birds Star Wars
  • Angry Female Birds Star Wars II
  • Angry Female Birds Go!
  • Angry Female Birds Epic
  • Angry Female Birds Stephen
  • Angry Female Birds Transformers


Carrie ricochets off the structure just like her male counterpart when you touch the screen or click the mouse. She can ricochet another structure from bouncing off the previous one.


  • Carrie, Female The Blues, Male Pink Bird, and Female Orange Bird are the only gender-swapped birds in the flock who  are young.

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