Feed Me is the first episode of Angry Birds: A Sweetnom Story. It's based on the original Cut the Rope. Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift is also available as a bonus pack.

Level Packs

A-1. Cardboard Crash                                                Cardboard Box

A-2. Flannel Fabric                                                     Fabric Box

A-3. A Foil Hat                                                            Foil Box

A-4. Hocus Nomocus                                                 Magic Box

A-5. Half the Sweetness                                            Valentine Box

A-6. Spring Has Sprung                                             Toy Box

A-7. Sticky Turn                                                          Gift Box

A-8. Lev Around!                                                        Cosmic Box

A-9. Sharp Tool                                                          Tool Box

A-10. Bee Route                                                        Buzz Box

A-11. DJ Om                                                              DJ Box

A-12. Spooky & Programmable                                 Spooky Box

A-13. Steam Pipes                                                     Steam Box

A-14. Mysterious Lanterns                                         Lantern Box

A-15. Cheesy Deal                                                    Cheese Box

A-16. Wake Up!                                                         Pillow Box

A-S. Holiday Gift                                                        Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift

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