Something 40 This article is intended to be a joke. Please do not take it literally.
(NOTE: This is NOT intended to be a remake of the already deleted Dra"cool"a article.) Dr. Neon Retro Acula  is a vampire surgeon, a minor villain the games, and the main antagonist of the Angry Birds TV series, replacing King Pig. He first appeared in the episode "Fangry Birds" and in the episode "Dental Issues", he was known as Dr. Plaqula. He appeared in "Colonel Monster's Monster Time Pizza Palace" where he threw a bucket of water on Dra"cool"a and then he shorted out where he was then known as Dr. A"cool"a where he tricked the little babies into ging on stage and getting on him so he can drink their blood. He is based on the Count Dracula archeatype (Dr. + Acula = Dracula).
Dr. Neon Retro Acula
General Info
Powers Performing surgery just so he can srink the patient's blood
First Level Appearance: S1E2: Fangry Birds
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Locations: H Ospital Hospital
Strength: Depends
Size: Depends


Personal Data

  • Name: Neon Retro Acula
  • Known Aliases: Dr. Acula
  • Affiliation: Acula Laboratory, Inc.
  • Best Friend(s): Dr. Nitrogen Sane, Dr. Nitro Opportune, Dr. Nitrous Jen


Acula speaks with a Transylvanian accent and like all the other stereotypical counts, he pronounces his Ws as Vs.

Game Appearances

  • Angry Birds: Acula Attack
  • Angry Birds: Acula Strikes Back
  • Angry Birds: The Wrath of Acula
  • Angry Birds: Final Battle


  • He was inspired by a character from Fanboy and Chum Chum with the same name.
  • He is the second character to be based on Dracula, first being Dra"cool"a.

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