Diesel Gasoline Fuel is a universal racing champion from the planet Fuelexicon who serves as the main antagonist of Angry Birds Go! 2. He came to Piggania to challenge the birds and pigs in a race.
Diesel Gasoline Fuel
Diesel Fuel
General Info
Powers Winning races
First Level Appearance: D. G. Fuel's HQ
Gender: Male
Species: Alien
Locations: Fuelexicon
Strength: Unknown
Size: Average for his race


When Fuel was a child, he always dreamed of becoming a racing champion, and it came true. After winning many a races, Fuel went to Piggania to make a deal with the recurring villains that if the birds and pigs win, they can proceed onward. But if they fail, they have to rematch them until they win. After Diesel Fuel lost, he was embarrased and he knew his fans would know about this. He flew his ship back to Fuelexicon and was never seen from this point on again. If you hack the game, you can play as Fuel.


  • His full name is an obvious reference to the diesel gasoline.
  • He was inspired by Nitrous Oxide from Crash Team Racing and pretty obviously was so.
  • He made a cameo in Angry Birds Go!: Double Dash!!.

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