Derp bird is made and originally created by cobblefur.
Derp Bird
General Info
Powers When tapped another smaller Derp bird flies out of his mouth and into grounds.(Effective on Ice)
First Level Appearance: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Hyacinth Macaw
Locations: Africa
Strength: Normal
Size: Bigger than blue bird.


  • Name: Derp Bird
  • Aliases: Derp, Ditzy, Boop, Herpy, Derpy
  • Friends: Orange Bird, Candy Bird, Violet Bird, Insanity Bird
  • Dislikes: Recolours, Annoying people, Mary-Sues, Upset people, Trollers.
  • Likes: Everything that makes people happy!


  • Pullback Noise: Nyaaahh!
  • Launch Noise: Derpyy, go!
  • Tap Noise: Herp a Derp!
  • Corpse Noise: Meaniee! Blarrghh! Sad!

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