Deadly Bird Image Gallery

Deadly Bird
Deadly Bird
General Info
Powers Destroying everything on the screen
First Level Appearance: Any
Gender: Male
Species: Rare Micronesian Killer
Locations: Any
Strength: Extreme
Size: Enormous

Deadly Bird is a bird that can destroy everything in the level, but needs to be bought with an in-app purchase for $0.99. Only Mega Giant Bird is bigger, but only a little. His flock name is "Deadly." In Angry Birds Toons, his voice is the same as Red Bird's. He is friends with Megant. Because of his shape, some people think that Deadly Bird is Red Bird's brother, but Rovio hasn't confirmed this. When you use Deadly Bird, you have to wait 2 hours to use him again. He is summoned with a giant swordfish. Deadly Bird's space version (Super Deadly Bird) is even larger than his non-space version. It can destroy entire planets , even the one where the birds slingshot is mounted on.

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