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Cosmic Carnival is the thirteenth episode of Angry Birds Space: Save our Galaxy. There are thirty-three normal levels and four Space Egg levels.


This episode is considerably easy. But there are some difficult levels such as 13-7, 13-15, 13-16 and 13-27.

First Page

The first page contains 10 levels. This page is very easy. Only level 13-7 can be hard.

Level Type Difficulty
13-1 Classic Very easy
13-2 Classic Very easy
13-3 Classic Considerably easy
13-4 Classic Very easy
13-5 Classic Very easy
13-6 Classic Easy
13-7 Boss Very hard
13-8 Classic Very easy
13-9 Classic Very easy
13-10 Classic Very easy

Second Page

The second page contains 6 levels. This page is hard-very hard because there are four boss levels in this page. Level 13-16 is the hardest level in the episode.

Level Type Difficulty
13-11 Boss Considerably hard
13-12 Boss Considerably hard
13-13 Classic Easy
13-14 Classic Easy
13-15 Boss Very hard
13-16 Boss Insanely hard

Third Page

The third page contains 11 levels. This page is not hard. But there are some hard levels. Level 13-27 is a very hard level.

Level Type Difficulty
13-17 Boss Considerably hard
13-18 Classic Very easy
13-19 Classic Easy
13-20 Classic Hard
13-21 Classic Easy
13-22 Classic Very easy
13-23 Classic Considerably easy
13-24 Classic Very easy
13-25 Boss Hard
13-26 Classic Medium
13-27 Boss Very hard

Fourth Page

The last page contains 6 levels. This episode is easy. This page has no boss levels.

Level Type Difficulty
15-28 Classic Medium
15-29 Classic Considerably easy
15-30 Classic Considerably easy
15-31 Classic Easy
15-32 Classic Very easy
15-33 Classic Medium

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