Maya is a Phoneix Bird that is a female. She is outraged and prideful like Bubbles. She seems to get pride shocked as she and Sword Spirit face each other (except she is Bubbles' friend).

Maya is a feisty leader of the Golden Flock.

Maya is one mighty, wild, chivalrous, powerful, fierce and feisty of the flock. She gets annoyed easily when someone distracts with the same boring word. She likes to draw just like Willow. She is also a gardener and loves to plant flowers. She was one of the most colorful birds. She wipeouts everything easily when enraged. Mutilple attacks make her angry and she is dangerously elswhere.


Maya is half a cockatiel, and phoniex. Her head is alike to the Cockatiels. Her tail is alike to a Phoneix. Her color is purple alike to Gale.


What makes her angry?

When someone disturbs her when she’s in the middle of a pick up session.


She can do a flash like The Blues and Stella, but her aura is purple! She can go flashing and spinning also in one shot!

Special move

Purple Flash Spin


Maya appeared on the following games:

  • Angry Birds Shine
  • Angry Birds Epic 2
  • Angry Birds Gloom
  • Angry Birds Stars


  • Maya resembles a Cockatiel and a Phoneix
  • Maya's species is a Cockaneix
  • Maya was supposed to debut, but remained in 2014 and many years

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