General Info
Powers Releases the small birds in various locations and exploding
First Level Appearance: {{{firstlevel}}}
Gender: Male
Species: Altered Greater AntiLlean Bullfinch
Locations: Dimensions
Strength: Strong
Size: Small

Bomb, The Clusterbomb Bird is a bird that first appeared in Angry Birds Dimensions. This coming year, he will be reappearing in a new game in early 2013.

Powers and Abilities

Dimensions Powers

Ever since alteration, Bomb(when tapped), with his enhanced eyesight, can track down the strongest pigs alive and explode with it.

Retribution Powers

Ever since alteration, the tiny Black Birds locate a pig and then seek them and then explode. Although their explosions are not very powerful, they can still pop a pig. Afterwards, as usual, Bomb explodes - sometimes with fatal consequences.



Ever since alteration, he has bigger eyes and is smaller than the normal Black Bird, but still packs quite a punch. He now also has a construction hat on the top of his feather.

Retribution Appearance

His appearance hasn't changed ever since Dimensions, except that he now has a gravity field which holds two smaller Black Birds on either side of him and a third one under him.


  • Originally, in Angry Birds Dimensions, his power was, if tapped, he would go to the selected tapped target and explode there upon impact.
  • Ever since alteration, Bomb has ALWAYS kept his mouth open.
  • The tiny Black Birds don't have the feather on their head.

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