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Chuck vs. The Racers Episode 1 is a spin-off title that is based on the Angry Birds Toons franchise. It premiered on October 18, 2014 via Toons.TV app.

Toons.TV description

Chuck was the fastest runner in the piggy island. How can he prove himself?


The story begins with the famous Piggy Island. Chuck darting at 100 mph, making the sound of a V8. Chuck was practicing for the Piggy Island Annual Run Festival. He thought he would win without a hassle due to his abilities and his stamina. Forgetting about his brakes, he accidently broke Matilda's favourite garden, plates, and worse, his speed was fast enough to slice the tree into half. Matilda scoldes him, but he tells her that he got to practice otherwise he will not be awarded with the cake that feeds everyone. Without hesitation, he continues. The eggs that Red was guarding got scrambled. He was then banned from running.

The scene fades to him finding a place near the beach and started running, and all the way towards the mountainous area where he was given a break. Sipping the water from his fresh prepared drink and eager to make into another practice, he accidently bumped onto Terence. Terence made the grinning face. Chuck then simply got angry because he hates him so much, as seen the original franchise. He ignores him and continue dashing all the way back to the Birds place for dinner. He wasn't ready for bed, so he waste his time by doing some karate and things involving flexing his muscles to show skillful is he. He does not want to sleep. He sleeps near the tree. The credits roll.







  • This episode is a reference to the Angry Birds GO! and an episode in Angry Birds Toons, "Chuck Run Chuck".


  • When Chuck was running near the beach, his tail feathers at the back disappears.
  • Terence disappears after his scene.


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