Chef Pig
Chef pig new
General Info
Powers None
First Level Appearance: None, but he did appear in the cutscene before the first level of the episode "Rise and Swine" of Bad Piggies
Gender: Male
Species: Pig
Locations: Angry Birds Toons, Bad Piggies
Strength: Unknown
Size: Large

Chef Pig it's one of the member of the Bad Piggies.He help King Pig witch giving him ideas how to steal the flock's eggs.

He appears in Angry Birds Toons and in the first cut-scence in the Bad Piggies update "Rise and Swine".

For more information on Chef Pig, go here.


  • He appears in Bad Piggies, Angry Birds Epic, And Angry Birds Transformers.
  • His hat is next to King Pig's as revealed in the Angry Birds Toons episode "Where's My Crown?".

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