Сarl "CJ" Johnson - alter-ego red birds. Angry Birds San Andreas characters. Ability: Spin hunting knife clockwise.

CJ by CJ


Returning to his hometown , Carl instantly falls into a whirlpool of events. Near the house taxi in which he was going , stop the cops , Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski, was an old "good " friends of Charles . It " hang " killing a police officer , and so he can not leave the city. Banda «Grove Street Families», created by his family, is on the verge of collapse. Melvin Harris , nicknamed Big Smoke and Lance Wilson named Ryder, the backbone of the gang involved in obscure cases. A rival gang Ballas is in control most of the city and actively distributes drugs. SiDzheya elder brother , Sean , or Sweet, unsuccessfully tries to put everything in order . SiDzheya sister , Kendl , meets with Caesar Vialpando of Latino gangs, and therefore can not get along with his elder brother . CJ initially was not eager to change everything, though surprised by this state of affairs . Yet gradually he delves into the essence of what is happening ( as it seems ) . He manages to slightly raise its profile , and it seems that the gang will soon take the leading position in the city. Appointed gathering gangs of Grove Street at him and sent Sean a few guys . With Caesar suddenly it turns out that Ryder and Smoke long been working on Tenpenny . Carl realizes that Sweet trapped, and at least expect a prison, if not death. He quickly goes to the place of gathering , finds a wounded brother and engaged in a gunfight with the Ballas . Appears outfit police , who take on the scene of all those who have not yet dead, including SiDzheya with his brother. Thereafter, Sweet sent to an unknown prison hospital , after which the gang «Groove Street Familes» decays to return Sweet and very SiDzheya corrupt officers Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski, taken away to a distant village of Los Santos Angel Pine where CJ starts its other life. village angels

Carl wakes up in a police car with a bag on his head. Besides him, sitting in the car are old acquaintances , Tenpenny and Pulaski , as well as new to the department , Officer Jimmy Hernandez. During the conversation it turns out that Sean is alive, but is in a prison hospital , as well as the fact that the cops again need someone to do the dirty work. CJ gets leeway , with orders not to meddle in Los Santos, in exchange for a promise to "remove" the witness. He gets a few new friends, including a cousin of Caesar, Catalina , known player on Grand Theft Auto III. With it, he makes several robberies , and then participates in illegal races , which meets an influential member of the San Fierro Triads Wu Zi Mu named Woozie. He also meets a weird hippie named The Truth. The truth ( as translated his nickname ) grows " weed " on his farm . At a time when CJ item arrives , finds them a police helicopter . Shooting down a helicopter from nowhere who took a hippie grenade , CJ sits behind the wheel of the van and with the Truth travels to San Fierro , in a race won by the garage. San Fierro

Upon arrival, the garage is crumbling shed with a leaky roof. CJ is enraged , but sister offers repair garage and open the car business . True suddenly realizes that he has the necessary familiar with this part. With their help, the case gets under the ball rolling in money SiDzheya appear . However, he does not forget about my brother and the gang, and conducts its own investigation of what is happening in his hometown. Gradually it becomes clear that in San Fierro is a criminal syndicate , through which the supply of drugs coming in Los Santos . CJ is rubbed into the confidence of the heads of the syndicate . In San Fierro , these are pimp Djizzak , T-Bone Mendez and Mike Toreno . Los Santos , and, accordingly, Smoke , Ryder acts . Having learned all that he needed , Carl kills Djizzak his Pimp -mobile , then at the marina during the transaction kills T- Bone , in the subsequent pursuit kills Ryder , then shoot down helicopters with Toreno aboard and blows production plant " crack ." At one point he calls the unknown and offers to meet at the ranch near Las Venturas . On arrival in the desert CJ will have to start doing a lot and the difficult cases. Las Venturas

"Unknown " is " killed " Mike Toreno . It turns out that Mike - government agent working undercover , and it was not a helicopter . In exchange for certain services from Charles Toreno promises to provide safety Sean in prison , and eventually , perhaps, to release him. Working on Mike CJ is enrolled in summer school and at the same time becomes the owner of an abandoned airfield in the desert. At some point he calls Woozie and offers a share in the casino in exchange for aid , including the elimination of obstacles and competing casino robbery Leone. While working on this , Karl accidentally sees Madd Dogg, famous rapper , tries to commit suicide . Carl makes a pretty ingenious way Dogg from death takes him to the hospital , simultaneously offering himself as the new manager. Successfully robbing casino Leone received its share of casino Vusi , Carl tries to develop family business further. During this, he calls and asks to meet Tenpenny . Doing another 's dirty work , CJ gives the dossier to Tenpenny him. Tenpenny leaves, and Officer Hernandez gave their lives to give Charles a chance to kill Pulaski , and he uses it. At this time, Madd Dogg comes out of the hospital , Carla finds , and he decides to return to Los Santos , but the mansion Madden. Here comes an unexpected obstacle - Dogg , being drunk , sold his house for drug lord Los Santos Vagos gang . SiDzheya , however, it does not bother , he decides to help win Vusi mansion , then CJ is in Los Santos to do another job from Mike Toreno to release Sweet . Return to Los Santos

Successfully repulsed mansion Madden, CJ settled there with his sister and Caesar. Recording new album Dogg , Carl stumbles upon Toreno in the studio . He asks him to do nothing at all : to hijack a military plane from a ship in San Fierro , simultaneously knocking three pursuers, and at the same time to sink three vessels near his ranch. Karl still fails, although he nearly dies. Faced Toreno next time in his studio with " prosdschlloboy " Carl unhesitatingly puts a gun to his forehead . Suddenly the phone rings , and Sean says that he has just been released . Please Toreno is that Karl just need to pick up his brother from prison. Picking Sean Karl is going to go into the house , on the way to his brother after purchasing clothes, but he suddenly gets angry and makes SiDzheya go to his native district, dwelling in ruin. Shawn contends that in any house will not go , and CJ has to help his brother in the inning district. Gradually they begin to fight for authority and other areas in Ballas. At this time over Tenpenny arrange a show trial , which ends justification on all counts. Seeing this, the CJ and his friends resent the streets also begins a real riot against the police . Sean finds out where hidden Smoke. Carl alone, leaving his brother in a car to get to fight Smoke. Unsuccessfully tries to convince it to give up, Smoke opens fire . Carl kills him. Tenpenny appears , holding SiDzheya at gunpoint . With Carl Tricks avoid death , but is forced to rescue his brother , who rushed oprometchiaspmvo fire truck Tenpenny . After a long chase Tenpenny loses control and falls off the bridge . With difficulty he gets out of the car and dies from injuries. Riot stops and CJ , Sweet , Caesar, Mr. True, Kendle go to the house Johnsons summarize on completed cases and other plans . Later in the Johnson house comes Madd Dogg SODAR everyone for their help in business. After that CJ leaves the house and is enjoying a new life.

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