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Candy Castle is the fourth episode of Angry Birds Space: Save our Galaxy. There are forty normal levels, four Space Egg levels and one trophy level.


This is a hard-very hard episode. It has four Insanely hard levels and some very hard levels. But there are some easy levels such as 4-14, and 4-37.

First Page

The first page contains 10 levels. This page is hard-very hard. There are three boss levels. Two of them are very hard.

Level Type Difficulty
4-1 Classic Considerably easy
4-2 Classic Considerably easy
4-3 Classic Very easy
4-4 Classic Considerably easy
4-5 Boss Hard
4-6 Classic Medium
4-7 Classic Considerably easy
4-8 Classic Considerably easy
4-9 Boss Very hard
4-10 Boss Very hard

Second Page

The second page contains 10 levels. This page is very hard since there are two insanely hard levels and three very hard levels.

Level Type Difficulty
4-11 Classic Easy
4-12 Boss Insanely hard
4-13 Classic Easy
4-14 Classic Very easy
4-15 Boss Very hard
4-16 Classic Easy
4-17 Boss Insanely hard
4-18 Boss Very hard
4-19 Boss Very hard
4-20 Classic Easy

Third Page

The third page contains 10 levels. This page is generally easy. This page has some hard levels like: 4-22, 4-27, and 4-30. Leftover levels are all easy levels.

Level Type Difficulty
4-21 Classic Easy
4-22 Boss Very hard
4-23 Classic Easy
4-24 Classic Easy
4-25 Classic Very easy
4-26 Classic Considerably easy
4-27 Boss Hard
4-28 Classic Considerably easy
4-29 Classic Very easy
4-30 Classic Considerably hard

Fourth Page

The last page contains 10 levels and one trophy level. This page is fairly easy. Only two boss levels; However, both levels are incredibly hard.

Level Type Difficulty
4-31 Classic Very easy
4-32 Classic Medium
4-33 Boss Insanely hard
4-34 Classic Easy
4-35 Classic Easy
4-36 Classic Easy
4-37 Classic Very easy
4-38 Classic Considerably easy
4-39 Classic Considerably hard
4-40 Boss Insanely hard
T-4 Classic Easy

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