Caged Bird is an unknown episode in Angry Birds Stella.

Toons.TV Description

The birds are playing games. They hear a "SQUAWK!". What is it? Has Gale hidden something? Has something gotten trapped? Let's see as they find out!


The flock start playing a game of soccer. Suddenly, they hear a noise. Stella tells them to come find out what it is. it makes a squawk again. They find out, its coming from Gale's castle. Meanwhile, Gale laughs at the bird that has been trapped.She walks around the hall making sure he dosen't escape. He thinks of fish. Back at the treehouse, Stella and the flock are walking to the castle to see what it is. Unfortunately, a pigs sees and bring plenty more pigs. Then they fight all of them and go closer to investigate. Back in the castle, Gale asks what the bird's name is. Being afraid he tries to say Edward. Before he could say even Ed, Gale made him zip his mouth. Stella and the flock have almost reached there. Then, more pigs come. They start fighting again. They enter the castle filled with more pigs. They fight them all and see that Gale is at the top. The flock fights with Gale for a long time and finally getpast. Handsome Pig comes in and they smush him and open his cage. Edward says, "Luca?" and Luca says, "EDWARD?" and with the flock being in confusion, the episode ends.

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