Brown Pelican Bird
Pelican Bird
General Info
Powers Flinging birds from her beak
First Level Appearance: Level 2-26
Gender: Female
Species: Pelican
Locations: Quite a few in AB:L
Strength: Medium
Size: Medium-large

Brown Pelican Bird is free to use in games, and has appeared in Angry Birds: Lost.


Brown Pelican Bird (AKA Pelly) is normally very quiet. Pelly often gives birds rides in her large beak.


Pull-back: Eep!

Launch: Eepeep!

Ability: Sptui!

Hurt: Eek! Ook! Ack!


  • This is SCP's first female bird.
  • There are many pelicans, but this one is mine.
This is SCP's page. Nobody can edit this without his permission.

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