Bromanor is a former member of the flock ,currently a rival of the flock, an early version of Stella, and  a major villain in the Angry Birds series. She is most notable for being the main female villain (excluding Girly Pig) and the main antagonist of the Angry Birds Country sub-series.
General Info
Powers Unknown
First Level Appearance: The First Playable Female Bird
Gender: Female
Species: Galah
Locations: Mt. Fort Awesome (temporary)
Strength: Medium
Size: Medium-Large


Personal Data

  • Name: Prince Bromanor of Nawibuwabi
  • Known Aliases: Bromanor
  • Group Affiliation: The Flock (temporary), Nawibuwabi
  • Best Friend(s): The Flock (temporary)


Bromanor likes to scam people and party. For instance, when Hal got an email from Bromanor, she tricked him into taking all of the flock's money. Right when Bromanor was going to get away with taking over Mt. Fort Awesome, Red came at the last second and when she was about to be flushed down the toilet of banishment, she tricked the flock into her going to the bathroom. Which was an obvious trick so she can escape. Despite what happened before the flock found the truth about Bromanor, she was at Mt. Fort Awesome to take it over and steal all of the birds' cool stuff.



  • Angry Birds Country
  • Angry Birds Country 2
  • Angry Birds Go! 2
  • Angry Birds Country 3: Bubbles and The Blues' Quest
  • Angry Birds Country: The Flock's All Here
  • Angry Birds Country: Frozen Piggy Island
  • Angry Birds Country: Year of the Disgustoid


Bromanor has no ability since she is unplayable.


  • She is the main female villain, excluding Girly Pig.
  • She was inspired by a character from Secret Mountain Fort Awesome with the same name.
  • She looks like a medium-large version of Stella.

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