Bloopa Bird
Bloopa bird is quite smaller than Sowcho Bird. His powers are stronger than any other bird. He uses to attack all pigs per level. He can attack smashing use to attack Obese Pig or Supermassive Pig. Each pig will explode until the bloops had explode through the pigs. It destroys more like Supermassive Bird stronger but better. He has gravity to do all of the powers of all birds, or a bird that is nearby him on a level, he starts to get the powers from the bird. Or, he would change color.

His transformations.

990 bigger powers larger to Orange Bird, plus trade in winning three stars per piggy, the bird would free out next time when he did after he reminded up to sextillions of powers he used for pharanced good job to the ripples and blasts to kill pigs.
  • Red bird is not dived out after if it was not yet, he chirps.

600000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 points can overload your score, Maybe Cheeks cant make it, unless she dosent, Like you, were not. Gurdying or Time Dating is bad for her birds. So its not drumming rodel or the system has a problem that biggest pigs wouldn't come.

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