Bird Fashions is a catalog from Angry Birds World (GoldGames) which was added on Alpha 1.0.3. The catalog constantly changes, recommending that you should get the latest things.

Issue 1

Issue 1 includes the items below, along with the costs. The most expensive thing from this issue is the secret Coporal Pig Helmet, costing 700 Bird Coins.

Angry Birds World Alpha Party Hat - 0 Bird Coins

Red Bird Angry Face - 300 Bird Coins

Angry Beak - 100 Bird Coins

Happy Beak - 100 Bird Coins

Sad Beak - 100 Bird Coins

Pig Snout - 500 Bird Coins

(Secret Item) Angry Birds World Alpha T-Shirt - 0 Bird Coins

(Secret Item) Coporal Pig Helmet - 700 Bird Coins

(Secret Item) Yellow Bird Angry Face - 500 Bird Coins

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