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Bird-Man is a game being created by GoldGames.


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Minion Pigs (Just your basic, everyday pig. Not to smart or fast, their the easiest to avoid. Threat: 3/10)

Coporal Pigs (Faster than Minion Pig but still not too smart, Coporal Pig is more of a threat. Another problem is his helmet, so it is harder to eat him when using Super Seeds. Threat: 5/10)

Foreman Pigs (Smarter than both pigs yet slow, this pig is a big threat. He can easily outsmart you and stop you in your tracks. If you eat a Super Seed, make sure to eat him first. Threat: 8/10)

King Pig (The smartest and fastest of them all, King Pig is the toughest pig on the block. And even worse, he takes 5 bites to eat. King Pig is one tough cookie. Threat: 10/10)


Red Bird (Just your basic, everyday bird. Power: None)

Blue Bird (Double trouble! Power: Creates clones of himself to confuse the pigs)

Yellow Bird (He's pretty fast. Power: Speeds up and slows everything down)

Black Bird (KA-BOOM! Power: Blows up anything near him)

White Bird (How did she get the egg bombs in the first place? Power: Throws an egg bomb at a random part of the screen and the egg bomb blows up anything near it)

Boomerang Bird (You can never get him away from you. Power: Boomerangs around the screen, damaging anything in his path in the progress)

Big Brother Bird

Orange Bird (He can fill my whole house! Power: Inflates and damages everything on the screen)

Pink Bird (Watch out pigs. You've got some bubble trouble ahead of you. Power: Blows bubbles that take the pigs and has them go as far away as possible, damaging them in the progress. If she ate a Super Seed, the bubbles make the pigs come as close as possible)

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