Beyond Nature by Rovio is a game created by Rovio Entertainment Ltd. The tile was based on the restaurant called Beyond Veggie by Secret Recipe

Beyond nature

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The pigs stole their eggs although Piggy Island turns into Vegetarian Land. The veggie birds have to retrieve their eggs back before they eat it!


Tomato Bird(Red)- Targets at pigs

Bean Birds(Blues- Splits into 3

Potato Bird(Chuck)- Speeds up

Pruple Cabbage Bird(Bomb)- Explodes

Turnip Bird(Matilda)- Drops a turnip bomb

Gourd Bird(Hal)- Acts as a boomerang

Big Tomato Bird(Terence)- Moans

Carrot Bird(Bubbles)- Inflates

Shallot Bird(Stella)- Blows onion bubbles

Frozen Veggie Bird(Ice)- Freezes


Small Pig

Medium Pig

Large Pig

Helmet Pig

Mustache Pig

King Pig

Fat Pig


  1. No Stealing Eggs
  2. Not-so-good Hoaxes
  3. Carrot Land
  4. Garden
  5. Eat Veggies!


The birds retrieve their eggs and the pigs seems to starve. So, the birds give them veggies and forced them to eat it. Then, the pigs became vegetarians
Vege Pug

"Mmm!!! I love veggies!"


Developers: Rovio Entertainment Ltd., Blue Sky Studios, Fox Digital Entertainment

(they are the developers of Angry Birds Rio)

Published by: Rovio Entertainment Ltd.

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