Bam Bomb Boom is the fifth episode of Angry Birds: The TV Show. It is the first episode to air on Adult Swim.


Bomb is teaching at The Blue's school. He teaches the children about innapropriate things, such as sex, drugs, alchohol and beer, and the only thing in existince, ever created. A bird says that they lived on earth, and there was endless space, so Bomb kicks the kid out of the school. Later, he is fired for false teaching and child abuse. When talking to Matilda, he says he got fired from the "lousy" school because he teached about the wrong things. Then Matidla replies saying that Bomb was teaching the wrong things, and then Bomb kicks Matilda off from the roof, where she says to Bomb, "Aw you #####!"

Bomb is at the tavern, drunk, saying that he doesn't get why he was fired. Then he just decides to drive home, although he didn't bring a car, and recklessly pretends to drive although he isn't even out of the bar. After that Matilda decides to take Bomb to the hospital, and the docter says that Bomb has a brain toumer, and that he needs a surgery. After the surgery Bomb feels much better, and when Matilda gets lost. Then, Bomb explains the entire map of Piggy Island in a self drawn map, which Matilda is impressed. He even explains 4 dimensions, the physics of Newton's law of gravity, and even says Matilda is obese. Then, Matilda is unflattered by the last one and smacks Bomb on the face.

Later, Bomb is rehired from the school and teaches pre-kindergardeners by reading them the Davinci code, and making them do advanced calculus. He is fired again, and then goes to the tavern but the bartender kicks him out for being so smart, claiming Bomb is not "One of them." Then later, Bomb scolds the Blues for not doing homework, and then they call him lousy and then run off. Then later, Red asks if Bomb can watch the Eggs, but he's to busy reading a book. After that, he goes to the docter again to get another brain surgery to be dumb again, but the Docter doesn't know how to do that. So he just lodges a crayon up Bomb's head, and Bomb ends up having another surgery to become less stupid. After that, he becomes decently smart, smarter then before, and his eyesight shortens, so he has to wear glasses when he reads. Then he refuses, and the hospital kicks Bomb out, marking the third time it happened in the episode. 

Later he is with Matilda, who says that she's happy Bomb isn't so obnoxious anymore. Then Bomb asks what obnoxious means, and Matilda just rolls her eyes and kicks Bomb off the roof.

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