A Balooga Bird.

Balooga Bird
is a bird from the new Angry Birds game: Birds With Friends, and later in Angry Birds: Wii U.




Birds With Friends

Is there a letter in your way? Use Balooga Bird to destroy any right in front of you! But don't destroy too many...

Angry Birds: Wii U

Professor Balooga Bird uses his machines most of the time. But when the Birds need a hand, he's ready to help!


The Balooga Bird's power is to turn into a laser. As a laser, he flies straight forwards and destroys everything he touches. If you don't tap, he is about as strong as a Black Bird before it explodes.



Balooga's laser form.

The Balooga Bird is tan and shaped like an arrow. He has long, black, hair-like feathers on the top of his head, and similar tail feathers that are slightly shorter. He also wears glasses. As a light beam, he is a long, white, purple and green line.

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