Bad Piggies is a game where you have to protect the pigs by constructing their fortresses and placing the pigs in the level. In each level you have a limited supply of wood, stone, ice etc. Your goal is to make the birds fail 3 times in a row. When the Mighty Eagle is summoned, you must play the minigame (Retreat and Treat Back). In this, you must evacuate, then rebuild your dome and if possible, capture the Eagle. After you beat all the levels, you must capture and defeat the mystery Bacon Bandit.


After the trouble with the eggs is settled, a mysterious 'Bacon Bandit' is sighted stealing the eggs. The birds have had enough, so they come back to kill the pigs with MORE birds than ever! The King and his client, The Black Moustache Pig, are sure that this was a mistake, and that it must not be one of their pigs. Then they set off to defeat the Bandit and the Birds, because after all, they were Framed!

>>Spoiler Warning!<<

At the end, a lone blue bird from a pile of KOd birds recognized the Bandit's face and shouts his warning: "That's him! With the crown!" The King is revealed to be the true bandit and is seized, but escapes. Continued in: Bad Piggy REVENGE the game, coming middle 2012.

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