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Bad Piggies Apocalypse is an all-new game from Rovio. It was released July 24th, 2015. Updates will be coming soon.


Rovio got its inspiration from movies like Independence Day. "It felt like a terrible idea at the time, but since 2011 fans had been begging for a game about pigs. In 2012, we gave them one. Now here comes another.", says Rovio.


The game will follow the original Bad Piggies game but include new elements like power-ups. It also features Angry Mode, where you can play as the Birds. This is crucial in episodes 3 (Bird Version) and 3 (Pig Version), where you must choose whether you stay a Pig or become a Bird.


Minion Pig

Reporter Pig

Moustache Pig

King Pig

Inventor Pig

Soldier Pig

Pilot Pig


Red Bird

Yellow Bird

Black Bird

Scientist Bird

Big Brother Bird


In the year 2154, the Pigs were building a weapon called the giant laser missile. The Birds steal it and fire it at Piggy Island using the Slingshot. The island is made a wasteland, and the survivors are evacuated to a small island called Pigania. The Pigs then begin working on a time machine to stop The Apocalypse from happening. In the year 3020, a successful time machine is built, and a Minion Pig is sent back in time.


1. Back To The Past (1 level)*

2. Meet General Swine

3. Feathery Attacks (Bird Version)

3. Defense of Piggy Island

4. Missile Stealer

5. Apocalypse No More (Pigs), Apocalypse Again (Birds)


A movie based on the game was released July 31st, 2014. To read more, visit Bad Piggies Apocalypse (movie).

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