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Bad Piggies 2 (known as Bad Piggies: Search for Golden Eggs for Austraila and Canada) is a game who released in 2016, Is a sequel of Original Bad Piggies. Announced in December 2015. Have a new Gameplay Elements, New Graphics and Minigames. And Dessert Mode returns in this game.

Bad Piggies 2
Bad Piggies 2 Loading Screen
Bad Piggies 2 Loading Screen


iOS Android Windows 8 or 10

Release Date:

18 January 2016


ESRB: AO for Adults Only (due to strong language, overt sexual themes, and excessive violence)



Latest Version:



Rovio and ArcadeStudio




This gameplay play like a Original Bad Piggies. You can build Vehicles to advance a Area and complete the Level. If you get stuck and break the vehicles, you will Restart the Level. Also have a World Maps.


Chapter 1: Pig City Level: 1-20

Chapter 2: Go Piggy Go! Level: 21-40

Chapter 3: Fix It Jonny (Mechianic Pig)! Level: 41-60

Chapter 4: When Pigs fly Again? Level: 61-80

Chapter 5: Piggy Island Level: 81-100

Chapter 6: Tilt 'n Pigble Level: 101-120

Chapter 7: Too many Food! Level: 121-140

Chapter 8: Pirate Adventure Level: 141-160

Chapter 9: Watch Out! The Birds! Level: 161-180

Chapter 10: Jonh (Professor Pig) Laboratory Level: 181-200

Chapter 11: The Cavern Level: 201-220

Chapter 12 (Final): Finally a Golden Eggs! Level: 221-240

Chapter 13 (Hidden, only accessible from developer console): Angry Birds Armageddon Level: undefined

Sandbox (Not Numbered Levels, a Buliding Levels)

Pig Race (A Player vs Player Race, The Players will build a Vehicles to race, If you break a Vehicles, you lose. If you go to Goal without breaking a vehicles, you win).

More Coming Soon!




Coming soon. But Redbird07 will edit it.


  • Bad Piggies 2 have a Toons Design, second is Angry Birds Stella, third is Angry Birds 2.
  • The Piggy have a name, King Pig is Joey, Corporal Pig is Tonny, Chef Pig is Mr. Senny, Mechanic Pig is Jonny and Professor Pig is John
  • John (Professor Pig) don't appears as Pigs Characters. He appears in only Chapter 10.
  • In Angry Birds 2, Epic and Go! have a Bad Piggies 2 Adversiments.



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