Bad Piggies 2 is a sequel to Bad Piggies released on October 1, 2015 on iOS, and on January 9, 2016 on Android. The game was announced in April 2015, when Activision published a short video of Freckles being carried away on a balloon. Several images that show the investigation of Freckles' disappearance have been later posted with a hashtag #FrecklesIsMissing. Bad Piggies 2 features new gameplay elements, characters that help Freckles in his journey, adventurous missions of getting from the Forest to the Underground and taking away the Angry Birds' eggs.


Sitting home with a pile of eggs, Freckles has noticed that the Flock was getting the eggs back. In an attempt to catch them, he got in a trap and was carried away by a hot air balloon. Trying to set himself free, Freckles got in the middle of the forest. There, he made friends with some new creatures: The Baddies. Hal, Grunter, Hammy, Junior, Dodo and Scarecrow are among them. The game then follows Freckles on his way in several episodes:

  • Forest Fever: the first location of the game. It features some new elements like items made out of glass and stone. Freckles meets Hal there, who is happy to make his vehicle jump across the level.
  • In Sandy Dam Ham, Freckles makes friends with Grunter, who can use helmets to defend Porky.
  • In Junkyard Jive, Freckles meets Hammy, a Baddie that can reproduce easily. Gluing can serve as a support for vehicles.
  • In Park Pig-Out, Freckles meets Junior, the Foreman Pig. He can launch dynamites at the birds.
  • In Underground Unbalance, Freckles meets Dodo.
  • In Market Madness, Freckles meets Scarecrow.

The progression through the levels is different in the iOS and Android versions. In the iOS version, levels are divided into several locations, much like in previous installments of the Bad Piggies series. In the Android version, Porky follows a pathway across the map. the path goes from Forest to Fruit Market with some branches appearing along. Chests with bonus items are scattered across the path.