Bad Piggies Underwater is the prequel to Angry Birds: Our home is sinking!, and the sequel to Angry Birds Water. It came before Space, on December 28.


Christmas and Thanksgiving

Coming December 27

If you pre-order the demo, other than being told it's come and you can be one of the first to download it, you get the Full Code for HALF of what you normally pay, just by using this code: CHRISTMASWATERPIGS.

Coming December 29

An alternative code is to unlock Blue Levels I, II and III. But if you don't use it you must complete the set (1-4 unlocks I) to unlock it's Blue Level. The code is: THANKSGIVESBLUE

New Year

Coming December 30.

The game will be updated December 29, and get the abillity to accept codes. Also on that day, you can buy an exclusive code that unlocks the "Rocketful of Fun" Sandbox for free by completing "Dry Land Again" with 3 stars and unlocking (no need to complete) all Blue Levels and Water Levels. If the time of using code expires, but you had brought a code before, you will recieve the next code instead, along with $0.50! How nice. All so you can afford the Sandbox, costing $2.50. The code is: ROCKETNEWYEARS

Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day

Coming February 28

A new Episode, called "Love the Water" is created exclusive for Valentine's day, but can only be unlocked if you complete the whole game (find every Skull, buy and complete every Sandbox, and 3 star every level in the game) or find the extremely hard-to-find Red Heart. But a code will unlock every current episode in-game. LOVINGWATERDAY

Coming February 28

Another code will give you up to 50 free Mechanic Pigs! If you are lucky, you can get the 50. It depends how good at the game you are.

Opening Cutscene

King Pig looks at the water, and Freckled Pig comes. King Pig gets Freckled Pig to go away. Freckles stays, and builds things.

More soon.

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