Space Pigs

All Space Pigs (currently) in the game

Bad Piggies: Cosmic Piggies In Space
is yet another game made by Angry3456, the fourth one actually. The pigs go in space and build carts and wooden cars to find the finish line. Unlike Bad Piggies, you can play as multiple pigs. It came out on March 17, 2014, on St. Patrick's.


  • Super Freckled Pig (Classic Freckled Pig) first use on 1-1
  • Lightning Corporal Pig (Classic Helmet/Corporal Pig) first use on 1-16
  • Atom Foreman Pig (Classic Moustache/Foreman Pig)


  • Bumpy Road
  • Furious Volcanoes (released May 24, 2014)
  • Water Planet (released July 31, 2014)
  • Silver Pork (bonus levels)

More coming soon!


  • It will be unknown when you use King Pig. Probably in the second or third episode which is unknown.

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